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Friday November 15, 2019 @ 6:00pm - Elk Run Winery

Sunday December 8, 2019 @ 9:00pm - Bushwaller’s Irish Pub

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The second edition of my book, A Concise Music Theory Text for Guitar Players is now available through Kindle Direct Publishing, on Amazon, and by special order at your local book retailer!

A Concise Music Theory Text for Guitar Players is a book intended for the serious music student, but the information contained in the book can be used by students of all levels. It is a quick but comprehensive course in music theory tailored specifically to guitar players, even if you have no theory background. The goal of this book is to easily and effectively communicate the concepts of music theory in a cumulative fashion so that the reader will obtain a working knowledge of conventional musical procedures to be used when analyzing existing musical literature, or when composing your own!


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Elk Run Vineyard, March 2019

Serpent’s Ridge Vineyard, October 13, 2018

Oscar’s Alehouse, July 2018

Mad City Coffee, July 2017

Union Jack’s Columbia, September 22, 2018 (first day of fall!)

Elk Run Winery, September 2018

Elk Run Winery, September 2018

Kelsey’s Irish Pub, February 2019

Serpent Ridge Vineyard, Oct. 2018

Pictures from Brazil, January 2018 - New Years Festivities!

The Cellar at Chef Paolino Cafe, March 2017

Basta Pasta, March 2019

Union Jack’s, September 2018

Kelsey’s Irish Pub, August 2018

Tin Roof Baltimore, June 2018

Tin Roof Baltimore, June 2018

Private Party, October 2017

Hearing my original guitar and string quintet music performed at Carroll Community College, March 2016

Maya Angelou Academy Music Fest, December 2015