First Blog Post

As I began setting up this website, the idea of including a blog brought forth a bit of cognitive dissonance for me. On one hand, a blog is a great way to express your ideas and give your site's visitors an opportunity to glimpse your personality. On the other hand, I've often wondered about the nature of blogs and the role that they play in the larger scheme of social media.

Blog is short for "web log." The term first appeared in 1999 and has since been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which defines it as "an online personal journal." I have sometimes read blogs and felt that the writer got too carried away with the content of their blog, but also sometimes with the mere idea of maintaining a blog. Clearly, a blog fulfills different needs than a "personal journal" would, because a blog is intended to be viewed and read by the public. People post everything from politically charged entries, criticisms of social injustices, movie reviews, music reviews, personal anecdotes, pleas for attention, and everything in between. For folks who keep personal journals, I suspect that they probably do not cover such a gamut of topics. People who maintain blogs often seem to post entries for the simple reason that they have not done so for awhile; some post to jump on social bandwagons; others to vent their frustrations or curb their loneliness. Some are interesting. Some are not.

Since the result of blogging is often little more than the raw, aimless chatter of the mind, I have decided that this blog will represent my best attempt at a focused, (hopefully) interesting discussion about music, current events, and sometimes how those two things correlate. I am not usually a fan of blogs, or of the concept of blogging, but perhaps attempting to maintain one will change my mind. Stay tuned!