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Away From The Periphery

As we were caught in the web of belief

We refused ourselves

We disabused ourselves

Faithfully freed by the distress of relief

We ignore ourselves

We restore ourselves


Nevertheless, an imperial bent

Took you down so swiftly, so long

Dialed in and zoned out forgotten intent

Even though you won, you're still wrong


Sparking the humanity in the cosmic ether

Incense yourself

Go against yourself

Celestials and seraphims belie you a reaper

Simulated hell

strips your sense of self


Cold Shoulder Sojourners

Stumbling across the Earth

Forever beset by unbounded doubt

The worthless are claiming worth

As I space out with my face down


The adulation curse sets in

The critics will muster out your view

The skinless are growing skin

And I don't know what it is with you


Oh... Burden, bury me...

Oh... Burn my inadequacy...


Spinning out beside my ghost

The shoulder sojourners dimly glow

As one stakes out his post

The other swears that one's a deadly foe


The Digital Clown

In the 1990s, I found myself

In the senses I sensed, and the smellings I smelt

But without a firm grip, well, I guess I got lost

Among the unsung and the tempest tos't


Fill me up with backlight and deliver me a fallacy

Feed me more piety so that I react callously

Drench me in echo and reverberate the lies

So savagely sold that you won't believe your eyes


The news today, it all seems so blandly the same

All this baffled buffoonery bestowing blame

We all claim "conscious!" yet we all look down

To the sweet screen seductress, to the digital clown